Night-Hawk Exploration ... Night-Hawk Exploration...Night-Hawk Exploration...Night-Hawk Exploration

​​Night-Hawk is a professional mining exploration company with an emphasis on doing evaluations on small to medium size river placer and disseminated desert placer mines.  Our independent Chain of Custody due diligence testing process will assure a concise economic evaluation/value representative of each site.  Our goal is to take the guess work and question marks out before undertaking the processing of a site.​​

While adhering to Standard Chain of Custody Protocol, Night-Hawk uses state of the art testing equipment, independent labs and seasoned field professionals to create a series of independent tests. The resulting study documents are produced in a timely manner allowing the owners a complete understanding of their project inventory inclusive of:

  • Geological overview
  • Concise project design and cost
  • Equipment delivery schedules
  • Mine setup and operations
  • Detailed cost and manpower analysis for successful operations
  • All creating a reduced risk for funding the mine site 

​Night-Hawk brings industry recognized process design and mining engineers to create a complete package for the owner consisting of these foundational tools mandatory for a successful project.

  • Geological report and findings
  • Process design engineered plan for plant equipment
  • Field and lab testing results
  • Mining engineer reports with an outline on the overall mine plan 

Night-Hawk Exploration ... Night-Hawk Exploration...Night-Hawk Exploration...Night-Hawk Exploration

Overview of Night-Hawk Mining
​​Our work is a 2-stage operation:

First, multiple sets of initial 10lbs classification tests and lab results.

Secondly using Standard Chain of Custody protocols, a geologist, process design engineer, and a mining engineer run series of multiple 2-ton  classification tests with size fractions from -10 mesh to 40µ.

​​Night-Hawk was established in 2012 as a mine exploration company with an emphasis on the ability to do representative independent due diligence studies on small to medium river placers and  disseminated desert placer mines. 

Night-Hawk relies on best science and statistical testing to create the most thorough scientific extraction and recovery in the industry.

We do not believe in the time tested “black box” theorem. It either works with Science or it doesn’t!